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exchange urban ideas between Africa and other world cities .

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About Frique Cities

We are building cities and building people.

Frique Cities is a platform created to share, discuss and exchange urban ideas between Africa and other world cities

Why are African cities not as uniquely developed as other developed cities of the world? Frique Cities Channel will answer these questions through communicating urban innovations. According to UN report, “World’s urban population will show an increase of over 2.9billion people between now and 2050, most of this in Asia and Africa”

Frique Cities intends to showcase city ideas and urban innovations through which African leaders and cities can gain or share urban knowledge of designing and promoting African cities.

Areas of coverage

Frique Cities covers the following areas:

Frique Cities Channel

Frique Cities Channel is an online media platform and cities channel that brings viewers live reporting, news, documentaries, innovations, interviews, and discussions about world cities. Frique Cities intends to exchange views and innovations between African cities and other world cities.

Conferences and awards

Frique Cities will organize annual leadership Conference and Award ceremony to gain knowledge and reward city innovations carried out by leaders, organizations, institutions and individuals.

Profiles and Innovations

Frique Cities specially commends, promotes and advertises any outstanding ideas and innovations carried out by any city leaders, organizations or individuals, and such initiatives and innovations will be promoted on our profiles and innovations page

CILEx Talks

Cities Leadership Talks also known as CILEx Talks is a gathering of leaders and people exchanging urban ideas. CILEx gives city leaders across the world including Africa the platform to discuss and share their innovations and leadership experience in building cities and building people. From CILEx Talks in Atlanta to CILEx Talks in Lagos, Frique Cities will facilitate exciting urban ideas platform benefitial to all.

Urban Exchange Program

Frique Cities will organize like a boot camp exchange program among cities leadership across the globe. Selected leaders will visit any African cities for a special tour and leadership training program. This will encourage exchange of ideas between African city leaders and others from across the globe.

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